Hand built in Portland, Oregon. HiFi designs top-performing, ultra-fly road, mountain bike, ’cross and track wheels for more inspired riding. Our durable, hand-built wheels can take punishment and help you to dish it out.

As passionate road and off-road riders and racers, we’ve ridden all kinds of wheels—from kick ass to downright crappy—over the years. We hate the fact that decent wheels increasingly require a payment plan; so we started the HiFi revolution.


We’re not just wheel builders, we’re ride-experience engineers. That means we work hard on hitting the best design notes from both performance and style perspectives. Light but not dainty. Aero and responsive. Durable yet eye-catching. So you know HiFi wheels can stand up to whatever challenge you throw at them while helping you stand out in the pack.

Carbon guru Bre Rue leads HiFi’s product development team, making sure that we continue to push the edge of bicycle wheel technology at prices that racers can afford.

What Sets Us Apart

There’s a plethora of small wheel businesses in the market now. Three primary things differentiate us:

1) Our team has tested countless rims and hubs to figure out how to create the best wheelsets racers and enthusiasts can afford. We’ve designed proprietary hubs that blend durability and light weight, and matched them with cutting edge spokes and rims. HiFi will keep pushing to make the best possible products we can.

2) We’re bike riding junkies—whether it’s a multi-day ride or a race, we can’t get enough of this stuff. We build wheels that we’re excited to ride, every day.

3) We’re sexy and we know it.

Josh Liberles: Super Domestique

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Bre Rue: Carbon Artist & Master Wheelsmith

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