Patrick Palmer, post-race, with HiFi MixMaster aluminum tubulars
The MixMaster Aluminum Tubular

Let your ride imagination run wild on MixMaster tubulars. Cyclocross. Gravel-grinder adventures. MixMasters are built to handle the freak beats. With a wider, more shallow aluminum rim bed than a typical road rim, they are ideal for fat-bottomed tubular tires … Read More

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Mix tape Disc
Mix tape Disc
The Mix Tape Aluminum Clincher

All of the HiFi Mix Tapes — Disc and Non-Disc — are tubeless ready! Use a tube and a regular clincher tire, or go tubeless. The Mix Tapes work great with every tubeless tire we’ve tested. The Mix Tapes Mix … Read More

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The 8-Track 85mm Carbon Tubular
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The 8-Track 85mm Carbon Tubular

When your battle calls for a little something extra, reach for your 8-TRACKS. The 85MM profile slices through the air so you can cut your time to victory. 8-Track rims are shaped for stability in cross winds, so they make … Read More

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HiFi LP 60mm carbon tubulars on Orbea Ordu TT
Fidelity SL hubs
The Long Play (LP) 60mm Carbon Tubular

Hit the high note and then settle into a steady, fast rhythm that is your ticket to glory. HiFi LP wheels are all about the sustain. 60mm depth and 25mm width make you 100% badass. The LP’s profile not only … Read More

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EP 38mm Carbon Clincher
EP 38mm Tubular Disc
The Extended Play (EP) 38mm Carbon Tubular and Clincher

Turn the table on your competition with a technically balanced wheel. Now available in clinchers as well! Lightweight with a 38mm wind-cheating aero profile, the EP lets you jam up climbs and fly on the flats. Spin up to speed … Read More

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Hit Single 50mm Carbon Clincher
Fidelity SL hubs
The Hit Single 50mm Carbon Clincher

Tubeless Ready Carbon! We’ve updated our Hit Single rim profile to make them a fantastic, super-high-performance, carbon tubeless option. Of course they’ll work just great with a traditional tire and tube. too, but if and when you’re ready to go … Read More

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