The 8-Track 85mm Carbon Clinchers and Tubulars

Starting at: $1,689.00

When your battle calls for a little something extra, reach for your 8-TRACKS. The 85MM profile slices through the air so you can cut your time to victory. 8-Track rims are shaped for stability in cross winds, so they make an outstanding choice for TTs, triathlons, track events, and even fast road races. Mix a front 8-TRACK with a rear disk to hit max speed. And even though 8-TRACKS are totally “metal”, there’s nothing heavy about them. They weigh in at a mere 1520 grams (tubular model).

According to conventional wisdom, deeper rims equal more speed. The profile of some rims makes them hard to control — and if you’re constantly worried about getting blown across the road (or skidding across it on your ass), you’re not very fast. Our 8-Track rims are shaped to be more stable in crosswinds, and to cut through the air for record-breaking performances.

Like all of our carbon road rims, the 8-Tracks are 25mm wide, providing a stable platform and a cleaner, faster interface between tire and wheel, better support for your tire and improved cornering performance. And the extremely high-grade carbon fiber we use is terrific at heat resistance and dissipation. All HiFi rim brake carbon fiber wheelsets are certified by SwissStop for use with their Yellow and Black Prince pads.

All of our HiFi Fidelity hubs come with 11-speed freehub bodies and a spacer for those on 8, 9 or 10 speed. Fear not: these are future proof (or at least future resistant)!

NOTE: 8-Track Clinchers are on their way! Contact Us for details.

Genres: Any discipline that is better in fast forward.

8-Track Liner Notes

Rim depth: 85mm
Rim width: 25mm
Hubs: HiFi Fidelity SL or Fidelity Disc 11-speed hubs with sealed Japanese stainless steel bearings. Durable, dependable and light. All hubs come with spacer for 8/9/10 speeds. Campagnolo free hubs available. Or get your fix with our 8-Track Pistas!
Spokes: 18h / 24h 2:1 ratio rear (16 2x on Drive Side, 8 straight pull radial on Non-Drive Side). 24h/28h on Disc and Pista models.
Wheel Weight: 1520g (SL tubular)
Discipline: The 8-Track is all about speed. Children, gather ’round: way before there were CD players, 8-Tracks let you skip tracks at the push of a button. Now that is fast forward! Slap on a set of 8-Tracks — or an 8-Track front and disc rear — for your fastest TT ever; or use a rear 8-Track with a front LP for a deadly road race combo.
Recommended Max. Rider Weight: 240lbs
MSRP: $1849 w/ extra spokes and styling quick releases

Tire Choice: 8-Track rims require a 23mm or wider road tire. In this case, fatter is better. It means lower rolling resistance, greater comfort and more speed. Using a narrower tire voids the HiFi warranty.