The Hit Single 50mm Carbon Clincher


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Tubeless Ready Carbon!

We’ve updated our Hit Single rim profile to make them a fantastic, super-high-performance, carbon tubeless option. Of course they’ll work just great with a traditional tire and tube. too, but if and when you’re ready to go tubeless, your Hit Singles will be too.

More than One-Hit Wonders

You won’t be able to get enough of your Hit Singles carbon clinchers. These 50mm masterpieces are go-to wheels for training and racing. Hit Singles have the class-leading aerodynamics, stiffness and stability in crosswinds that you need to rocket to the top of the charts—and stay there. And they give you the freedom to train on wheels that offer outstanding performance and style, along with the convenience of a quick tire change. Made of high-quality carbon, the 25mm-wide Hit Single rims synch up perfectly with a range of tire sizes and brake pad options. The SwissStop factory has even certified them to handle the extra heat—and braking power—generated by SwissStop Black Prince and Yellow King carbon pads.

Genres: Whatever you’re in the mood for. Just choose your tires accordingly, and then crank them up for road races, crits, time trials, triathlons and even training rides.

Hit Single Liner notes

Rim depth: 50mm
Rim width:
25mm external
HiFi Fidelity 11-speed hubs with Japanese stainless steel bearings. Durable, dependable and light. All hubs come with spacer for 8/9/10 speeds. Campagnolo free hubs available.
18h front, 24h 2:1 ratio rear (16 2x on Drive Side, 8 straight pull radial on Non-Drive Side). Custom builds also available.
Wheel Weight: 1550g
The Hit Singles are as versatile as it gets—fast in the flats, light enough for PRs on your favorite climbs, stable in the crosswinds, great braking performance—all in a convenient clincher package. Time trials, triathlons, high-speed criteriums, flat to hilly road races, and the Hit Singles can even be your secret training and group ride weapon.
Recommended Max. Rider Weight:
$1899 w/ HiFi carbon brake pads, extra spokes and styling quick releases
Tire choice:
Hit Singles are best paired with a 23mm or wider tire—it means lower rolling resistance, greater comfort and more speed. They will also accommodate a tire as narrow as 20mm, however.