The inaugural edition of the HiFi Show & Tell weekend was just off the hook fun and inspiring. The beautiful photos below by the wicked talented Aaron Rogosin of Outer Elements Photography are your opportunity to relive it, if you were there, or to pretend you were along for the amazing ride and show (and tell). We’ll be back for more in 2019, and we’ll do our best to raise the bar — no easy task!

If you’re in the below images and want to post on social media, Aaron says “have at it!” If you want a higher resolution version, or to use something for commercial purposes, please contact him and support his work. He made the image selections for this gallery, so if you rode in the event or showed at Royale Brewing and don’t see yourself or your bike, reach out to him to inquire about the oodles of additional photos he has.

Thanks so much to everyone who took part in this event. We promised it would be a highlight of the summer, and we sure as heck think it was.