BIKEPOC PNW Takes on ’Cross!

HiFi recently teamed up with BIKEPOC PNW to offer a series of free cyclocross clinics and to amass and curate a lending library of cyclocross / gravel bikes available to their community. BIKEPOC PNW’s overarching mission is to create a brave space and healing space for BIPOC folks to ride, and have accessibility to ride by building community and building up riders. We at HiFi are extremely excited to work with BIKEPOC to help extend their mission into two disciplines close to our hearts—cyclocross racing and gravel riding—and to help them #diversifyoutdoors.

The BIKEPOC PNW group is in its first year of existence, and they’ve made a rapid and tangible impact upon the Portland cycling community, and beyond. The vibe of the cyclocross scene has already noticeably changed for the better as riders from the Cyclocross Clinics immediately dove into regional races to mix it up: riding confidently, and even getting on podiums and taking some early-season wins. The energy and enthusiasm this ’Cross Class of ’21 exudes is nothing less than remarkable, and we’re so honored to be involved. Check out the photo gallery below, and it’ll be instantly apparent what we mean. Learn more and follow along on the @bikepocpnw and @ridehifi Instagram channels, and look for a BIKEPOC PNW team tent coming soon to all the best Portland-area and PNW cyclocross races!

Big shout-outs to BIKEPOC PNW; Prosper Portland for their Inspiring Diversity Grant awarded to HiFi to make this possible; Ritte Cycles for their generous equipment assistance; TriTech Bikes for their pro bike-assembly wizardry; and Adam Kachman for the photo love!