Beth Ann Orton rocking the HiFis
Beth Ann has a background in mountain sports, but discovered cycling when she moved to Portland and her mother sold the family station wagon, leaving her without a car. She spent 13 lucky years bike commuting before discovering cyclocross, and she began racing the infamous Oregon Cross Crusade.  Beth Ann owes her love of cyclocross to Oregon’s thriving ’cross culture, and a myriad of local mentors.
This year, you’ll see Beth Ann riding HiFi’s Extended Play carbon tubulars and Mixmaster aluminum tubulars at select domestic cyclocross events beginning with Cross Vegas, and ending with a giddy up(!) at US Nationals in Austin, Texas. BAO’s special talents include riding cross-geared, sleeping through her alarm and destroying bike parts — but she’s yet to discover a way to break HiFi wheels. When Beth Ann isn’t racing cyclocross, she loves road racing, mountain biking and backcountry skiing.