Cyclocross Crusade custom HiFi disc cyclocross wheels
Cyclocross Crusade custom HiFi disc thru axle cyclocross wheels
Limited Edition 2019 Cyclocross Crusade Mix Tape Disc Asymmetric

Glitz. Glamor. Cyclocross! Crusade!! Glitter!!! The heart of the 2019 cyclocross season is upon us, and that means it’s time for another run of limited edition, custom Cyclocross Crusade wheels. Every year we partner up with the world’s biggest (and dare we say baddest?) cyclocross series to create some special ’cross-crushing wheels. This time it’s all about the shimmery, glimmery, glitter, with a nod to a local favorite team and font that rhymes with Lazers.

The Mix Tape Disc ASYM wheels that these good looks adorn are race-ready cyclocross stompers, but they’re also training strong, gravel road conquerors, and they can even run road tires for your road disc setup. The wheels are the latest iteration of our venerable Mix Tape Discs, updated to a stronger and stiffer alloy, and an asymmetric offset rim profile for more even spoke tension for the 2019 HiFi product lineup.

These wheels are special edition, and only available for a very limited time. And all that extra sexiness can be yours for just $35 over the regular Mix Tape discs. Spin in style!

If you’re local to the PNW, ogle the wheels in person at the main event host booth at the Cyclocross Crusade races all year long (it’s hard to do justice to a sparkle graphic in photos). Or buy em from us online right here.

$925 Select options