Shutter Precision PL-8X 15mm Dynamo Generator Hub
Dynamo Wheels and Accessories
Dynamo Wheels and Accessories

Bring on the Night!

Do you even Dynamo? Dynamo hubs have been around for a long time, but with the advent of ultra-efficient LED lights and advances in the power-generating technology in the hubs, we’re at the dawn of a Dynamo golden age. You will never need to worry if your light’s batteries are charged. Game changer. Furthermore, you can go on epic adventures with no need to worry about recharges. And you can even charge your essential electronics – phone, GPS computer, etc – from your dynamo hub!

We can build whatever HiFi wheel set you want with a Dynamo front hub on board. Hub prices listed below are for a Dynamo upgrade only. Add the HiFi wheel set of your choice to your cart. Add the Shutter Precision hub of your choice, and any lights or accessories, to your cart. We’ll do the rest, and you’ll have an amazing, hand built Dynamo setup of your own shortly.

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Looking for a different dynamo hub not listed here? We can do that – Contact Us.

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