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Need different caps for your HiFi Fidelity Disc hubs?  Well, you’ve come to the right place. Note that these end caps are compatible with all HiFi Disc wheel models except for our BOOST hubs and our B-Side OEM wheels (which are QR only).

Our hubs are designed to be durable and versatile; changing between QR and thru axle setups is easy.

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To replace the front end caps, simply pull off the caps you are removing, and push on the end caps you need, making sure not to pinch the o-ring that surrounds the end cap.

To replace a QR rear, you’ll need to insert two 5mm Allen wrenches — one in either end of the axle. Unthread the cap on the non-drive side, and remove the entire axle. This is also how you would remove the freehub body. If you do remove the freehub — make sure that the spacer between the freehub’s bearings and the hub body’s bearings remains in place when you reassemble. Otherwise the freehub body will bind when you try to spin it.

To replace a 12mm thru axle rear, the process is the same as the QR rear, but with two 17mm cone wrenches instead of Allen wrenches.

Insert the replacement axle, and tighten down to 6nm, as printed on the axle caps. Again, make sure the replacement axle passes through the spacer that sits between the freehub body bearings and the bearings in the hub shell.