Custom Ass Savers


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What’s light weight, portable, can easily be removed and carried in a jersey pocket, and keeps the water out of your butt crack? It sounds like a lead-in to a joke, but the answer is the amazing Ass Savers mini-fender. And this is the coolest custom design on an Ass Saver (or any fender, for that matter) we’ve ever seen. Note this is the latest/greatest, V4 Ass Savers fender with improved coverage.

If you want to order these with wheels, or any other products we stock, please send us a message and we’ll remove any shipping costs for these.

And, look, we’re based in the PNW — WE KNOW FENDERS. Most of us have dedicated, full-fender bikes, and removable ones for several other bikes. This ain’t for the all-day deluge, but it’s versatile, light enough to race with, and actually does save your ass. Use it in the shoulder seasons. Put it in your bike travel bag. Fly the raddest of flags!