EP 38mm Carbon Tubulars


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Whether it’s for cyclocross, track, or road racing, many purists still insist on tubulars for their unrivaled light rim weights, super-supple tires, and ability to run low tire pressures in the dirt. Turn the table on your competition with our EP 38mm tubulars, available in disc, rim brake, or track models. Lightweight with a 38mm wind-cheating aerodynamic profile, the EP Anti-Flutter lets you jam up climbs and fly on the flats. Spin up to speed quickly and then carve confidently through corners. With mid-range depth, the EP Anti-Flutters are stable in crosswinds and on blustery days — so they’re a great choice for lighter riders or comfort seekers. The extremely high-grade carbon fiber we use is stiff for accelerations but is also good at dampening bumps and chatter. The rim brake model is terrific at heat dissipation.

Anti-Flutter Rim Profile and EPS Construction

The latest generation of HiFi carbon road rims take advantage of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) molding construction. Rather than using a traditional, inflated bladder, the EPS mold creates a more consistent, smoother finish inside your rim. Why should you care? The result is stronger, stiffer, lighter, and more reliable. We’ve taken a great rim and made it even better.

Our new road rim profiles feature “Anti-Flutter” technology, with a more pronounced, flared shape to the rims that make our wheels even more stable in crosswinds, and even faster at a larger range of yaw angles. The EP Anti-Flutter rims measure 25mm wide at the tire interface, and flare out to 28mm at the center of the rims.

Road, Cyclocross, Gravel, and Track Ready

The EP 38 Anti-Flutter SL non-disc tubular wheels pare down to 18 spokes in the front and 24 spokes in the rear in a 2:1 pattern for the perfect mix of light weight, strength, aerodynamics, and overall performance for running cantis or regular road caliper brakes on or off road. And the EP Anti-Flutter Discs bring the same profile to disc road, cyclocross, and gravel rides, and they spin on the latest iteration of our Fidelity R36 Disc centerlock hubs. The EP 38 rim depth is ideal to provide mud shedding and aerodynamic advantage, but without the extra bulk of a deeper profile. We lace up our EPs with top-tier Sapim CX-Ray spokes for their ideal blend of lightweight, high strength, and sublime ride quality.

And, of course, the EP Anti-Flutter Pistas are ready to rock the velodrome, fixed crits, and whatever mean streets you’d like to throw at them, with a flip-flop hub that enables you to run two cogs.

EP 38mm Liner Notes

Rim depth: 38mm tubular
Rim width: 25mm at tire interface, flaring to 28mm at center of rim. 17.5mm internal.
Hubs: HiFi Fidelity SL (rim brake) and HiFi Fidelity R36 Disc centerlock with Japanese stainless steel bearings. Durable, dependable and light.
Freehub: Shimano/SRAM HG 11; Campagnolo; SRAM XD and XDR; Microspline all available
 SL non-disc 18h straight pull radial front / 24h 2:1 ratio rear. Disc & Pista 24h 2x / 28h 3x
Wheel Weight (tubulars): 1230g (SL) | 1370g (Disc)
Discipline: Cyclocross, criteriums, and road races of all types, hill climbs! They also make great front wheels for triathlons and time trials.
Notes: Carbon pads and QR skewers included for non-disc. End caps installed for your choice of 12mm/15mm/142x12mm/QR for discs, and skewers included for QR Disc setups.

Tire choice: Our wider EP Anti-Flutter rims require a 23mm or wider road tire (we recommend 25mm and up). In this case, fatter is better. It means lower rolling resistance, greater comfort and more speed. Using a narrower tire voids the HiFi warranty.

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