HiFi Centerlock Lock Rings & 6-Bolt Adapters


The HiFi centerlock lock rings are compatible with HiFi hubs, of course, but also any other company’s centerlock hub models. Add a little flair to your ride. Priced individually (order two per wheel set).

Centerlock rotor mounts are an improvement on 6-bolt: they provide even pressure across the disc rotor, so it’s less likely to warp due to uneven torque. And installation and removal are sooo much easier and faster.

The lock ring is compatible with 12, 15, and 20mm axles. An external BB tool is required to install the lock ring onto the hub.

Have 6-bolt rotors you’d like to continue to use on centerlock hubs? Our 6-bolt adapters are just the ticket, and they include the HiFi lock rings. You get to keep using your current rotors, AND you have the advantage of the quick and easy installation and removal that comes with centerlock. Winning! Removable washers are included for thinner/thicker rotors.

Note: HiFi lock rings and 6-bolt adapters are priced PER WHEEL. Pick up two for a wheel set.

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