Electric Feedback: Racing HiFi

Erin swoops down the Barton Park Cross Crusade descent.
Erin Lolich swoops down the Barton Park Cross Crusade descent.

Our “Trial by Mud” continued this past week, culminating with some badass cyclocross racing this weekend here in Portland. There are a whole bunch more HiFi wheelsets out there now — covering most of the categories, too, which is awesome.

HiFi riders will, undoubtedly, have bad results along the way — but this weekend came up all roses across the board. Aaron Coker started things right, winning yet another Clydesdale Cross Crusade race at Barton Park on Sunday — proving both the

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HiFi’s Soft Launch in the Hardest Conditions

Patrick Palmer, post-race, with HiFi MixMaster aluminum tubulars
Patrick Palmer, post-race, showing off his HiFi MixMaster aluminum tubulars.

Why the heck would someone start a wheel company in the fall? It’s simple: we want to put our stuff to the ultimate test.

We at HiFi are all bike racers, and we know that cyclocross in Oregon supplies some of the most grueling conditions for both riders and equipment.

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