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Dynamo Wheels and Accessories

Dynamo Wheels and Accessories

NOTE: Dynamo hubs are priced as add-ons. To order a dynamo wheel, add the hub of choice to your cart, as well as the wheel you'd like us to build up. Lights are prices a la carte (no additional purchase required).

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We stock the Dynamo hubs, lights, and parts that we use ourselves, and that we find to work best. Read about all of the dynamo and light options below.


We build with SP hubs because they perform. Their PL-8X (for 15mm axles) and PL-7 (for 12mm axles) lead the way in terms of efficiency, light weight, and durability.

Both systems feature a class-leading 78% efficiency at 15km/h. The PL-8X weighs 465g, while the PL-7 weight 409g. And heavy battery lugging no longer required! SP hubs available in 28h and 32h (and we can special order other drillings). We stock black hubs.


Many regard SON as the most reliable dynamos. All of the SON hubs are efficient. The SONDelux blends low drag with great light output, with efficiency ratings similar to the top Shutter Precision hubs. The SON 28 prioritizes light at low speed, where it minimizes flicker. There's more drag on the SON 28, but the extra low-speed light makes it a great choice for MTB use, loaded touring, or anywhere that you'll run into sustained low speeds.

We stock SON hubs in 28h and 32h drilling in black, but we can special order other drillings and colors. Made in Germany.

Sinewave Cycles Beacon 2 Headlight with Charger

The super-nifty Beacon headlight has quickly become a favorite. Excellent brightness of 750 lumens with a symmetrical beam pattern well suited to off-road adventures. It's completely water/weather-proof. And can be run upside down for a myriad of mounting options (running it off a GoPro mount on the underside of an out-front computer mount works great, for example). But the coolest feature is the integrated charger. Charge your phone or GPS computer via the handy USB output on the headlight. There's even a port to run the headlight off of an external battery, should you want to use the Beacon without the Dynamo power (when setting up camp, for example). We stock these in black with other color options available. A USB to DC cable, and the wiring to connect to the Dynamo hub are included. Mounts are not. Note some electronics work better when charged via an intermediary USB battery to ensure constant voltage.


Dynamo power is optimized at low-to-medium speeds, reaching 200 lumens at just 5 MPH, 500 lumens at 8 MPH, 650 lumens at 10 MPH, and 750 lumens at 13 MPH.

Intelligently balances power between light and charger to optimize simultaneous use.

A supercapacitor, charged while riding, provides about 5 minutes of standlight when stopped.

Made in USA.

Busch + Müller IQ-X Headlight

The 100 Lux IQ-X is among the brightest Dynamo lights out there. If you're predominantly road riding, the IQ-X has a more pavement-friendly beam pattern that keeps more light angled on the road, where you need it. It also won't blind oncoming traffic. A light sensor automatically activates the daytime running light, so you're better seen from the sides. Come dusk, the side lights turn off to focus all of the energy into the beam pattern. The IQ-X is one of the only road-oriented lights that can rotate in its housing, enabling it to be mounted upside down while maintaining proper beam pattern. Features a standlight, so the light stays on for several minutes after you stop pedaling. Made in Germany.

B + M µ Micro Rear Light

The Micro is amazing: it's tiny, extremely light weight, and somehow packs both an impressive amount of brightness and a capacitor that gives it standlight capability. When you come to a stop, the light will continue to shine for a few minutes (great for traffic lights, etc!). The Micro comes with assemblies to mount to fenders or to a strut (seat stay, chain stay, seat post, etc). Wiring to connect to headlight is included. Made in Germany.

B + M Secuzed Rear Light

SECUZED is the smallest bicycle rear light integrating a Z reflector. The SECUZED covers both reflector and lighting requirements in well designed and compact product. No need for additional reflectors. This replaces the previous Secula dynamo tail light models, and includes mounting material for attachment to the mudguard, seat stay or seat post.

The central part is the Z reflector. Thanks to state of the art prism technology, this reflector is wonderfully small and nonetheless fulfils regulatory requirements. The minimalistic rear light contains a crown of ten super bright LEDs around the reflector rim. The positioning of these LEDs means the rear light offers premium visibility and safety even under difficult conditions. Like all B+M rear lights: StVZO-approval.

Made in Germany.

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