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27.5/650b Hootenanny23 Aluminum Gravel & MTB Wheels

27.5/650b Hootenanny23 Aluminum Gravel & MTB Wheels

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The HiFi Hootenanny23 aluminum Gravel & MTB tubeless-ready clinchers are light weight, affordable, durable, and will guarantee your shreds are damned fun. They’re ready for tubeless tires as soon as you are, and setup is an absolute breeze with our rims. The revamped Hootenanny lineup utilizes an aluminum alloy that's stiff, strong, and lightweight—you'll be blown away by the ride quality. Hootenanny23 rims have a (you guessed it!) 23mm internal rim width, making them an ideal platform for tires from 30mm up to 2.25".

  • Meticulously hand built in the U.S.A.
  • 1610g (27.5/650b)
  • Fidelity M Disc Centerlock hubs with ultra-quick engagement
  • 23mm depth / 23mm internal width
    hooked rim
  • Tubeless and clincher tire compatible

More Info

In addition to XC MTB duty, the Hootenanny23 has already proven a popular choice for gravel enthusiasts and cyclocrossers not constricted to a tire that measures a maximum of 33mm or 35mm, and who want something robust yet light. The Hootenanny23 wheels will tackle the uphills with fervor, and the downhills with aplomb and panache. You’ll be screaming “Bravo!” and begging for an encore, grinning ear-to-ear as you go.

Updated MTB Hubs

HiFi's MTB-specific disc hub is available both in Boost and regular 100mm / 142mm spacing (or 135mm for those QR holdouts out there). The Fidelity M Disc has regular disc spacing, while the Fidelity Boost takes care of the wider frame/axle needs. The rear hub has 6 offset pawls with two engagement points each, and they interact with a ring that sports 102 teeth. That translates to an engagement angle of less than 2 degrees—lightning quick!

HiFi disc hubs are now all centerlock, but we do offer some really nifty adapters that let you run 6-bolt rotors with a lockring on our hubs (or any centerlock hub). No bolts required!

Some Future Proofing and Built-in Flexibility

Any of the Hootenanny wheels can be built around our Fidelity Boost hubs (110mm front, 148mm rear). And for those running non-Boost setups, the Fidelity Disc centerlock front hub quickly converts between 15mm,12mm, or to quick release; and the Fidelity M Disc rear hub converts to a 142×12 or 135mm QR. End caps to match your preferred setup are included with all of our MTB wheels. All of our HiFi Fidelity Disc hubs come with whatever freehub you need: Shimano/SRAM HG freehub bodies; SRAM XDR/XD Drivers; and Shimano Microspline freehubs are all available. Fear not: these are future proof (or at least future resistant)!

All Hootenanny wheels are shipped with lockrings, tubeless tape, and valves included, ready to take your existing ride and amplify it.

Tech Notes


Rim profiles: Hootenanny23 is 23mm deep and 23mm internal width, with a tire bead hook.

Hubs: HiFi Fidelity M Disc and Fidelity Boost centerlock hubs with lightning fast engagement at less than 2 degrees. Japanese stainless steel cartridge bearings. Durable, dependable, and light. 12/15/QR end caps available.

Freehub: Shimano/SRAM HG; SRAM XDR/XD Drivers; Microspline all available

Spokes: 32h 3x Sapim CX-Rays; Sapim Securelock alloy nipples (brass also available)

Wheel Weight: approx. 1610g (27.5/650b)

Discipline: The Hootenanny23 wheels are a do-everything, cross-country and gravel wheel set for MTBs as well as drop bar bikes in search of mixed terrain adventure. We recommend a 30mm tire and up for gravel bikes, or 2.0" to 2.25"+ for MTB.

What's included: HiFi tubeless disc wheels all come with the freehub you require, centerlock lockrings, tubeless tape, and tubeless valves. QR orders include quick release skewers.

Need help? GET IN TOUCH; we'd love to hear from you! 

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