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The 45 Disc Carbon Clinchers

The 45 Disc Carbon Clinchers

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More than just a one-hit wonder, The 45 Disc carbon clinchers are a perfect mid-depth, lightweight carbon tubeless-ready rim with a modern, 21mm internal rim width. We designed the rim specifically for use with a disc brake, which allows us to truly maximize wheel performance without compromise. 

  • Meticulously hand built in the U.S.A.
  • 1480g/set
  • Fidelity R36 Disc Centerlock hubs
  • 45mm depth / 21mm internal width
    micro-hooked rim
  • Tubeless and clincher tire compatible


More Info

The 45mm rim depth blends light weight with aerodynamics for a balanced approach to your faster-paced rides. This makes them ideal for all road rides and races, as well as for gravel rides at higher speeds, where aerodynamics play more of a factor. Thanks to HiFi's Anti-Flutter technology and toroidal rim shape, crosswinds have a less of an impact, and you'll be even faster at a larger range of wind yaw angles.

Fidelity R36 Hubs

The 45 Anti-Flutter Disc wheel sets spin on the latest iteration of our Fidelity R36 Disc centerlock hubs, which use a 4-pawl system engaging with a 36-tooth ring. The R36 Disc hubs offer quick and reliable engagement, light weight, and dependability. They're also easy to service when the need arises, with bearings that are easy to access and no proprietary tools required.

We lace up The 45s with top-tier Sapim bladed spokes for their ideal blend of lightweight, aerodynamics, high strength, and sublime ride quality.

Tech Notes

The 45 Disc.

Rim depth: 45mm tubeless ready carbon clincher

Rim width: 25mm at tire interface, with a toroidal Anti-Flutter profile. 21mm internal width.

Hubs: HiFi Fidelity R36 Disc centerlock hubs with Japanese stainless steel cartridge bearings. Durable, dependable, and light.

Freehub: Shimano/SRAM HG; Campagnolo; SRAM XDR / XD Drivers; Microspline all available

Spokes: 24h 2x front / 28h 3x rear

Wheel Weight: 1520g/set

Discipline: The 45 Discs are excellent for criteriums, road races of all types, and faster-paced gravel outings. They also make great front wheels for triathlons and time trials.

Notes: Tubeless tape, valves, and lockrings included. End caps and freehubs installed to match your requirements. Skewers included for QR setups.

Tire choice: Our wider The 45 Anti-Flutter rims require a 23mm or wider road tire (we recommend 25mm and up). The modern 21mm internal rim width provides fantastic support for tires ranging from 25mm to 50mm.

Need help? GET IN TOUCH; we'd love to hear from you! 

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