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Dugast 700x33 Tubular Cyclocross Tires

Dugast 700x33 Tubular Cyclocross Tires

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If you know… YOU KNOW. Dugast’s lineup of tubular tires, handmade in the Netherlands, is legendary. They are perhaps the winningest tires around, regularly taking the top step at UCI World Cups, World Championships, and everywhere else that people compete on cyclocross courses. Note that these are tubular tires, and they only work with tubular rims (such as our EPCX 35mm carbon tubulars, and our MixMaster Disc and MixMaster aluminum tubulars). The tires must be glued onto the rim, and they do not work with clincher or tubeless rims.

We stock 700x33mm Dugasts with their Flying Doctor casing and a neoprene coating for weather resistance. The casing’s 87.5% cotton and 12.5% kevlar blend is lighter than a cotton casing, with better puncture protection, and is 402 TPI for an ultra-high-performance ride. The base tape size is 23.5mm to match our rims. We offer:

Dugast Pipisquallo: For the fastest / drier courses, the center tread pattern offers unparalleled grip on sand and grass, while the side lugs offer bite when cornering in looser conditions.

Dugast Typhoon: All-purpose competition tire that does everything well.

Dugast Rhino: The most legendary wet conditions / mud tire that’s still quite fast for mixed-conditions courses.

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