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Merino Long Sleeve Jersey

Merino Long Sleeve Jersey

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Celebrate 10 years of HiFi with this throwback design.

We worked with our friends at Biciclista to produce this brilliant, versatile jersey from a blend of merino wool and recycled polyester in Italy. It’s light enough to wear on warm days and as a sun shirt; offers some insulation on colder days; and wicks moisture incredibly well. These are pull-over jerseys for a slightly more casual look but, make no mistake, they’re great both on and off the bike.

Ride in them; run in them; heck, use them as a base layer for your winter activities of choice. They’re small enough to compress into a pocket on a ride, and stylish enough that you’ll want to wear them off the bike, too. The merino blend fabric has an inherently retro and timeless look. We’re very stoked how these came out!

Biciclista Sizing info below.

Fabric: 46% Merino wool, 46% Recycled Polyester – 8% Elastane
Digital printed with Eco Solvent Ink
Comfortable T-shirt fit
Reinforced finishes

Care Information:
Machine wash cold
Don’t bleach
Don’t iron
Don’t tumble dry
Don’t dry clean
Wash inside out

If possible put in a white mesh bag to preserve color and prevent from friction with other garments or products* that could damage the fabric (*Velcro is very aggressive with Polyester wool and Lycra fabrics)
Do not use fabric softeners

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